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The basic model of the SKLAR house has dimensions of 12x12 meters, and the necessary communications. Additional home complication: wastewater treatment system, supply and exhaust ventilation, solar power plant, smart home system. In a complete set, the house is completely autonomous and does not depend on external communications.


All parts of SKLAR house are loaded into 40ft containers and sent to the installation site. We deliver at home anywhere in the world, just tell us about desire buy the home.
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Seven reasons to buy a house with us


Coastline with unstable ground, woodland or mountain landscape - any plot is suitable for building SKLAR houses.


All parts of SKLAR house are produced in a factory in Germany and loaded in 40ft. containers and deliver anywhere in the world. We accompany the house from the project to the final assembly.

house on the water

SKLAR house in the LAGUNE configuration is used as a houseboat on the water. Living on the water has become comfortable!

7 weeks

The term of building of SKLAR house by our installers in normal situation.

Any weather brings joy

Both hot summers and cold winters are suitable for a comfortable life in SKLAR houses.

There are no barriers to happiness!

All parts of SKLAR house consist of light elements, it can be mounted in hard-to-reach places without the use of heavy construction equipment.

Your right to independence

SKLAR hous has a "step-free" concept and the house can be additionally equipped with a solar power plant, circulating water treatment system, supply and exhaust ventilation and air conditioning system.


In pursuit of perfection, man forgot his destiny and lost his individuality. If a person wonders if I'm truly happy? Most likely the answer will be “no”.
In truth, nature and man are already the perfect creation of God. Man is meant to enjoy this world. SKLAR homes are designed to enjoy life and nature


We always involve the best specialists to create the perfect product. In search of an answer to the question: - "what of interior will satisfy the requirements of our customers?" Exist only one answer - nature!
God is the best designer and architect, he created a beautiful and unique nature. We just need to create a comfortable home, in harmony with nature.
The decision became a house with transparent walls. The surrounding views have become the beautiful nature of the main part of the interior. Nature is constantly changing, exchanging the interior of SKLAR house itself. You only must add minor touches of personality and the unique interior ready!

Democratic design

In SKLAR house, the form, environmental friendliness, functionality, quality and reasonable price are correctly combined. This house can be built according to the "step-free" concept with the floor at ground level. Reliable engineering solutions are used in the project of SKLAR house. The design of the house resembles a children's designer. Each element of SKLAR house complements the next element. All elements together form a single structure. All parts are made at the factory in Germany and fit exactly together. Individual parts of SKLAR house are lightweight, they can be mounted by hand without heavy equipment.
Thanks to a well-thought-out design, SKLAR house can be assembled independently or with with the help of local fitters. The assembly quality of the house is controlled by the chief-ingenei whitch get certificat by our company.


The roof has the shape of a tetrahedral pyramid, consists of a strong, lightweight steel structure and composite heat-insulating blocks resting on it. The outer part of the roof is making with vertical seam locks, which allows you to fix solar panels on them.

Outside walls

External glass walls preserve the microclimate of the house and give a panoramic view of the surrounding nature. It is believed that the glass walls gives off heat very strongly to outdoors home in winter and does not defence from the sun's rays in summer. This opinion is erroneous, we have a positive practical experience of living in a house with glass walls. Secret in inner curtains and outdoor metal blinds and automatic house control system.

Unique foundation

The foundation is responsible for the longevity of the house. Our houses do not have the usual foundation for builders. As a foundation, a prefabricating composite slab be using - a load-bearing composite frame made of stainless steel and fiberglass, filled with foamed glass. The prefabricated composite slab is assembled at the construction site from large prefabricated elements.
Such a foundation slab is warm, very strong and hides all communications at home: plumbing, supply and exhaust ventilation, electrical networks, sewerage. Light foundation + light walls + light roof = minimum ground requirements, on which SKLAR house is built.
The house has a small weight compared to traditional houses, which gives huge advantages in its application in difficult conditions. In the LAGUNE configuration, it can be used as a houseboat. The LAGUNE option is only available for houses on water bodies with small wave pitch, such as: canal, shallow river, bay or lake.